Horizontal Boring and Milling Center

Product Picture of Horizontal Boring and Milling Center 5XA series

Horizontal Boring and Milling Center

5XA series

Super size, high rigidity structure, high torque transmission, to meet all kinds of processing requirements.

One time clamping can meet the machining requirements of various complex surfaces and multi angle undercut surfaces, and improve the machining efficiency.




It is suitable for processing ordinary machinery, aerospace engine case, and mold industry; the machine can process surface milling, spindle sleeve machining, and internal & external machining as well as boring, drilling, and tapping; furthermore, it can also process rotational processing.

02Product features

Fast APC

Realizing front pallet exchange in front of the X-axis. There is a button panel for convenient workpiece clamping operation.

Precision stable clamping for the trolley.

6~10 precision conical bolt positioning.

Air cleaning methods

Conical bolt emits air-flow to clean while the pallet is changing

Spindle features

BT-50 mechanical structure spindle with wider speed change range and higher speed (4000RPM), and larger output torque (1040Nm) The tuning fork type A-axis head is of mechanical worm gear structure equipped with an optical scale that ensures accurate positioning, large braking torque (5760Nm) as well as cutting torque (1476Nm); the swing angle is ±110°, and the fixed accuracy is ±5 seconds.

Spindle power torque diagram

Maximum speed 6000RPM

Maximum speed 10000RPM

Machine photo 1

The machine is composed of a worktable, base, vertical column, tune fork-type A-axis spindle box, and automatic tool magazine. It is equipped with a hydraulic system, cooling system and chip conveyor, lubrication system, electrical system, and rotational exchanging worktables. These together increase productivity and effectiveness.

Machine photo 2

The movement of the spindle box is on the vertical column for up and down movement, and the electrical system is equipped with six axes or synchronized five-axis functionality.

03Workpiece size

MH800 5XA series

Maximum workpiece size:ø1750xW900xH1400

MH1000/1250 5XA series

Maximum workpiece size:ø2500xW1300xH2000


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Item Unit MH 800-5XA MH 1000-5XA MH 1250-5XA
X axis travel
(Horizontal table)
mm 1270 [1570] 2100 2300
Y axis trave
(Vertical table)
mm 1060 1480 1700
Z axis travel
(Front/Rear column)
mm 1200 1350 1450 [2200]
A axis travel deg ±110° ±110° ±110°
B axis travel deg ±360°/0.001° ±360°/0.001° ±360°/0.001°
Rotary diameter in the machine 1450/1750 2250 2250 [3500]
Spindle center line to pallet surface mm 120~1180 80~1560 50~1750
Spindle nose to table center line (A=0) mm -220~980 -220~1130 -220~1230
Spindle nose to table center line (A=90) mm -78~982 -118~1362 -150~1550
Table diameter mm 800x1000
T-slot 18*5 H7 22*7 H7 22*7 H7
Increments deg 0.001 0.001 0.001
Max. table loading kg 2000[2500] 3500[5000] 5000[7000][1000]
Exchange mode (Opt.) 2 pieces of drag-and-rotate type 2 pieces of drag-and-rotate type --
Spindle Taper BT50(HSK-A100,DIN50)
Spindle Speed rpm 4000/6000(Gear)/10000(Built-in)
Spindle Power kw 22/33(Siemens)
Max. Torque N-m 1040(Gear)/260(Built-in)
A axis
Rotate Torque (Cont./Max.) N-m 1476/5760
Rotate Angle deg ±110
Rotate Speed rpm 5
Rotate Clamp N-m 4000
Rapaid-X/Y/Z m/min 15/15/15 15/15/15 15/15/15
Rapaid-B/A min--1 11.1/5 4/5 4/5
Cutting-X/Y/Z m/min 24/24/24 24/24/24 24/24/24
Cutting-B/A min--1 11.1/5 4/5 4/5
Accuracy (ISO230-2﹑2006)
Positioning-X/Y/Z mm 0.008 0.008 0.008
Repeatability-X/Y/Z mm 0.006 0.006 0.006
Rotate positioning-A/B sec 15/8 15/8 15/8
Reoeat rotate positioning-A/B sec 6/4 6/4 6/4

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