About MAC Cision

Taiwan Jingyan seiko machinery(referred to as Mac Cision) is a well-known CNC machine manufacturer in Taiwan, it has been established by integrating its superior resources to be an early OEM unit for famous Japanese and European factories and directly introducing and absorbing advanced technology from Japanese manufacturers.In order to make Mac Cision horizontal processing center a new benchmark for Taiwan's machine industry. Excellent performance, excellent quality and technical specificity of horizontal products will make it the most competitive professional manufacturing horizontal processing center in the international market of Taiwan enterprises.

Mac Cision has established a strong sales network in Russia and North America, and actively expands the market all over the world. It is highly recommended by peer support and collaborators, making it a well-known professional high-tech and high-precision brand in China. We will bring the first-class production and manufacturing technology of international machine to our customers to share, and encourage the continuous growth of intensive research, and strive to obtain more customer recognition and support!

At that time, Mac Cision will be more and more close to your business, more convenient to provide services to your business. Taiwan's technological RD team with great innovative capability continuously provides innovative products with high efficiency, high quality and high technology content to the global market.

Our Advantage

We believe that in the above product specifications, we will be able to find a model to meet your needs. You need to contact our sales engineers, they will be enthusiastic to serve you.They know how to help you achieve your goals. We believe that through the excellent communication channels of Mac cision, we can make more efficient contact between us and customers, understand the user's ideas and propose our solutions. We have the ability to solve any production technology problems of our customers.

Horizontal Machining Center Products

Our service team

Service Team of Mac Cision can provide the installation and commissioning of Mac Cision product and turn-key engineering, as well as the services of various machine and manufacturing systems. It has rich production line technology, including milling, system integration, automation and software, maintenance, transformation, remote training, etc. As an omni-directional supplier, we have comprehensive and thoughtful manufacturing solutions, ranging from a variety of rich equipment and technology, for technological capabilities and turnkey systems. Mac Cision Service Team is dedicated to providing customized manufacturing solutions for users. With in-depth understanding of applications and manufacturing needs, and close partnership with users, it continuously reduces users'production costs.