Horizontal Boring and Milling Center

Product Picture of Horizontal Boring and Milling Center MH 500/630

Horizontal Boring and Milling Center

MH 500/630

Strengthen the structure ability, realize heavy cutting and high stability.

Super size, to meet all kinds of processing needs.

More acceleration, two exchange pallet as standard, reducing non cutting time.




Designed for ordinary milling, drilling, tapping boring, and the processing for ID, OD, ladder, sphere, groove, 2D, and 3D complex shapes.

Can process many kinds of materials of blanks in both rough and precision modes, such as high-temperature alloy, titanium alloy, heat resistant alloy, stainless steel, and casted iron.

Good system rigidity, reliability, accuracy, and longer lifespan. The machine can process roughing, fine processing, and finishing. Moreover, it can process various difficult materials.

02Product features

Fast working pallet changer mechanism

Front pallet exchange in front of the X-axis. There is a button panel for workpiece clamp operation.

Two-section worm gear set

Special gear design leads to double gear contact numbers which are five times the contact surface, so that the pressure on worm gear is one fifth only, with lesser wear out rates.

The worm body is designed as two-part, and the space between gears is simpler with the width within 5~8μ.

The worm gear material is made of phosphor bronze, that is with lower friction rates, so the tenacity is improved; with stress relief procedure, the material quality is much more stable and is suitable for higher loading and higher accuracy demands.

The pressure angle is much smaller than the dual lead for around 12°, so the motor torque can be fully utilized unto steering torques, which is suitable for synchronized continual cutting.

Air-blow cleaning system

The design of the worktable adopts four conical positioning seat holding mechanisms, which are fast and accurate in positioning. The strong force ensures the stability and positioning accuracy of the worktable. The powerful air blowing system blows out the airflow from the conical positioning seat, removing the iron materials; the cone seat is used to perform a low-pressure inspection to ensure the stability and positioning accuracy of the worktable

The sealed cone-shaped design is not an open design, so it ensures both the cutting fluid and cutting movement will not go further into the taper sleeve when the worktables are exchanging. The design ensures strong holding force and great precision for a longer time.

Direct drive spindle

Spindle torque diagram

The imported spindle bearing components are of high rigidity and high precision, which are suitable for heavy cutting.

Maximum spindle speed 8000RPM.

Machine photo 1

The machine tool is composed of a worktable, base, vertical column, spindle box, and APC. It also incorporates a hydraulic system, cooling system & chip conveyor, lubrication system, and electrical system. The direct rotational worktable increases productivity.

Machine photo 2

The movement of the spindle box is on the vertical column and the electrical system is equipped with six axes or synchronized three/ four axes functionality.

The design of Y-axis adopts high rigidity ladder cross structure, installed under the T traverse base; the rotational B axis is installed under base for the forward and backward movement of the Z-axis. The three axes are of heavy bearing competence due to their roller guides, which are supported by four sliding blocks. By minimizing the surfaces of the guides, the gravity is lowered and the rigidity is reinforced. Furthermore, while under high speed and high accuracy control, it's excellent axial movement accuracy is also high, which is realized by low friction, high reliability, small mass, and little inertia.

03Workpiece size

MH500 Workpiece size

Maximum Workpiece size:ø720xH750

MH630 Workpiece size

Maximum Workpiece size:ø1100xH980


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Item Unit MH 500 MH 630 MH 800
X axis travel mm 720 1050 1300
Y axis travel mm 650 900 1050
Z axis travel mm 720 900 1050
Spindle nose to table center mm 160-880 150-1020 200-1250
Spindle center to table surface mm 100-750 80-980 80-1130
Machining area mm ø700 x 750 ø1100 x 980 ø1300 x1250
Working area mm 500x500 630 x 630 800 x 800
Max.loading weight kg 800 1200 2000
Surface configuration   M16xP2.0x100x24 M16xP2.0x125x24 M16xP2.0x150(200)x24
Pallet height mm 1150 1250 1300
Min. angle of rataion 0.001° (1° ) 0.001° (1° ) 0.001° (1° )
Exchange type Rotary type
Spindle transmission Direct coupling / (motor + spindle + gear box)
Spindle taper BT-40 / BT-50 BT-50 BT-50
Spindle speed rpm 12000 (15000)/10000(8000) 10000(8000) 10000(8000)
Spindle bearing diameter mm 70 / 90 / 100 70 / 90 / 100 90 / 100
Feed rate
Rapid feed rate-X/Y/Z m/min 36 / 36 /36 40 /40 /40 30 / 30 /30
Cutting feed rate-X/Y/Z mm/min 15000 15000 12000
Ballscrew dia. x pitch mm ø50 x 12 ø50 x 16 ø50 x 12
Linear way mm 55mm Roller 65mm Roller 65mm Roller
Tool capacity   40 (60, 80, 120, 180) 40 (60, 80, 120, 180) 40 (60, 80, 120, 180)
Max. Tool diameter mm 100 /125 125 /250 125 /250 125 /250
Max. Tool length mm 300 450 500 600
Max. Tool weight kg 7 20 25/(30) 25/(30)
Spindle motor (cont / 30min) kw 15 / 18.5 18.5 /22 (22/26) 18.5 /22 (22/26) 18.5 /22 (22/26)
X/Y/Z/B axis feed motor kw 4.4 /4.8 /4.4/ 4.4(0.001°) 7 / 6 / 7 /4(0.001°) 7 / 6 / 7 /4(0.001°)
ATC motor kw 2.5 3 3 3
Positional accuracy (full stroke) mm 0.01 0.01 0.01
Repeated accuracy mm 0.006 0.006 0.006
Linear scale accuracy (full stroke) / B axis mm / sec 0.008 / 8" 0.008 / 8" 0.008 / 8"
Linear scale repeated accuracy / B axis mm / sec 0.004 / 4" 0.004 / 4" 0.004 / 4"
Machine height mm 2900 4100 4500
Machine floor space mm 4000 x 5400 7000 x 4100 7200 x 4350
Machine weight kg 12000 14000 20000 22000

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